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Welcome to the world of Jacob Zar, an influential artist and accessories designer whose work transcends time and place. With a passion for infusing classical influences into contemporary creations, Jacob invites you to explore his diverse portfolio, which includes stunning artworks, exquisite jewelry, and an exclusive line of handcrafted handbags.


A Journey of Inspiration:

Jacob's artistic journey began with formal studies in Moscow, where he delved into the world of marketing. However, his true calling led him to prestigious fashion institutions like the Institute of Marangoni Milan and Polimoda in Florence. He later honed his skills at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where he decided to make the vibrant city his permanent home and creative hub.


The Essence of Jacob's Artistry:

Drawing inspiration from his global adventures and a deep admiration for artistic masters, Jacob's creations reflect a profound connection to the world around him. His artistic philosophy is a journey into the realms of humanity and beauty, creating moments of contemplation and connection. With meticulous attention to detail and purposeful hints of ambiguity, Jacob's work guides the viewer toward a visceral, timeless experience.


Explore Jacob Zar's World:

Browse his captivating artwork, discover his signature jewelry line, and indulge in the exclusivity of his handbag collection. Jacob invites you to join him on this artistic odyssey, where every piece tells a story, evokes emotion, and captures the essence of beauty. Welcome to Jacob Zar's world, where art and fashion merge seamlessly to inspire and elevate the senses. 

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